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what’s changing? why?

Ah – so many people have messaged and asked me…..  are you still going to be doing newborn sessions?

In one answer – YES, I am still doing newborn sessions.  I am just changing them…..

In every aspect of your life – especially in your art – change and challenges are necessary.  Struggles and triumphs – failures – and then PASSION!

There was once a time I was absolutely passionate about nailing every single pose.  Perfectly placing newborns in buckets and resting their tiny chins on their hands.  Posed without a single finger out of place.  The light – the contrast – the tireless and sweaty days in the studio trying to get everything… just…. right….

I was PASSIONATE about it.

Throughout the past 6 + years – I, have changed.  I, have grown.  And something from my work was missing. ME. Ok, ok, not “me” in the photos.  But – the new me.  I feel photographers hearts speak through their work.  And my new heart – was missing.

Maybe its all the selfie taking of moments with my own family.  Moments of my own children.  Seeing them doing something and realizing I want to remember that MOMENT forever.  Being present in their lives and thinking – if only, someone was here to take a photo of this exact moment.

Maybe it’s all of the loss I have experienced.  Realizing that – nothing in life is perfect.  And seeing everything posed as – well – beautiful and artistic.  Just not exactly what I want to capture anymore.

Over the years – and I have always said this – the images that last the test of time in my home – are not the perfectly posed ones.  They are not where everyone is smiling. They are the real – the raw – the emotional moments of who we are and what we mean to each other.  The images that last the test of time in my home are the ones where I feel my children souls are shining through their eyes.

Snapshots and family selfies are every where in my home.  And the few professional photos I have – only one that is up is where we are all looking (cause she absolutely nailed it)  – the rest – are us, being, us. Not looking at the camera – but looking at each other.  Some are grainy and a touch OOF.  Some could only be printed in black and white.  But it’s not what the image shows as “an image”. Its the story it tells about that moment.

When I began to struggle with how I was feeling – I took on family sessions.  A lot of them. I ran around in fields chasing the kids – snapping and snapping while they tickled and played with each other.  Making them fake laugh until they real laughed.  Photos of the kids looking away – the mamas looking at them NOT ME.  Sure – its guided.  But many times, and if you have ever had a session with me you know, it’s also – not guided.

And I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT.  It made me remember WHY I picked up a camera in the first place.

And then I went back to the studio and put babies in buckets again.  Won’t lie and say I don’t or didn’t love some of them.  It kinda all depended on the baby – the day.  And I began to work without anyone assisting me.  The sessions took a bit longer but I found myself feeling FREE.  No format to follow of how I ran a session. Truly baby led.  I took more time.  I started to see everything I was missing.  And the UN – posing in my work began. Where I would lay a sweet babe back after one set up to prep for another and I was able to stop – no one there to pick up the baby for me while I changed things – so I had the time – I was able to see – the sweet perfection that was a brand new baby – just as they were – un-posed – with the light coming so gently across their face – and as a mama I thought – THAT – I would want to remember THAT! And I started shooting the transitions from set up to set up.  Those quickly became my most favorites in their galleries.

I received many messages about how my work was “changing”.  And I replied with – thank you.

I started to incorporate laid back set ups and my infamous couch and chair – breastfeeding – snuggles – less perfect – more real – more moments over poses.  The cries – the newborn wondrous eyes wide open stares.  (lemme tell you – those are not easy to get….. but to me – they are new goals)

And after a few sessions filled with requests and expectations for previous work – which was not where I was headed.  I didn’t want to go backwards.  I had already “achieved” those shots.  Challenge accepted and conquered.  I wanted to move forwards.  I realized – as long as my packages states x amount of set ups and x amount of images.  I was always going to be caged to that. My slow way of transitioning to the new me….. wasn’t working.

Does is mean you will NEVER see a baby in a bucket or bowl again from me?  No.  It just means that I want you to come into my studio without any expectation besides knowing I am going to capture images of your brand new baby and you exactly as they are that day.  It means I don’t want to make a baby who’s belly is upset lay on their belly to fulfill the expectations of my galleries.  It means if the baby wants to be awake – I am going to let them. It means I won’t be doing crazy poses.  It means your baby and I will work together to create images that are simple and timeless and capture exactly who your babe is at that moment in time.

I want to capture your snuggles – I want to capture you literally breathing them in.  Smelling their heads.  Looking at them with the overwhelming love you have for them, with your heart literally beating outside of your body and  thinking “I made that”. I want to capture THAT!

I want to capture the siblings together with their new little brother or sister – not forced – not uncomfortable – with them showing me the new baby – with them talking to the new baby – with them being whatever kind of sibling they are at that moment. It doesn’t mean I won’t lay them together anymore. It doesn’t mean you won’t still get the family posing I have always done – family – is my favorite part of newborn sessions. You’re actually – going to see MORE of it.  It doesn’t mean I am throwing out all my props and accessories – just a lot of them……  The ones that no longer speak to me.

You’re going to see a lot of new things – and still a lot of the same. The same will be the parts I have always loved.  The simple. The timeless.  And I will let your baby talk me through it. There won’t be hours upon hours in the studio.  There won’t be stress for any of you – or me – and especially not your brand new babe.  There will be amazing moments captured.

I felt I needed to make *the announcement* so that I could finally fully step into this chapter of my work.

My goal? My goal is to create galleries that you will want to print EVERY SINGLE IMAGE OF. Galleries that you will make coffee table books out of and they will stay a staple in your home and heart forever. And, when you look at them you will be pulled right back to that moment for each image.  The sounds.  The smells.  The emotions.

I will be offering many different types of sessions coming soon.  And pretty much all of them – will be unposed.

And without further delay – my new newborn packages can be found <here>.

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