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Microsoft Rebranding Windows With Windows 9! Microsoft Eager To Bounce Back

Any product or gadget which does not get a proper response from people and the critics, then the development or the design of the product should be gone through again and need to do the groundwork again to check where was the fault, what went wrong and why was the consumer not happy with the product.

This happened with Microsoft in the case of Windows 8 when a lot of desktop users were highly unsatisfied by the Tile version and the absence of “start” button. though it was somewhat user-friendly in tablets which had a touchscreen. We saw many versions of Windows evolving from time to time and if we observe closely the generation of Windows, XP had a great response, Vista was rejected badly and again Windows 7 was good then Windows 8 came as a disappointment to surprise. Razer synapse windows 10 If we see the hierarchy of this alternative “Hit and Flop” trend then whatever will be the next version Microsoft releases it should be a “Hit”, if it follows the trend and also after a bad show by Windows 8, Microsoft also wants to bounce back strongly.

Now we have seen much news on the web about Windows 9, its release date, its versions and what’s in, what’s out, what will be the interface, will the Classic Start button of Windows can be seen in Windows 9 which was a huge disappointment in Windows 8? What will be Microsoft’s strategy? Will Microsoft rebrand Windows this time?

Microsoft is also eager to announce the successor of Windows 8 in the last quarter of 2014. Sources reveal that Microsoft is all set to release its latest version operating system Windows 9 codenamed as “threshold” for the time being. It is also heard that this time the desktop user who does not have touch will be considered into account and the classic “start” button will be restored back. There is also a rumor rounding that this time Microsoft will release 3 different versions Windows 9 exclusively for desktop, Windows 9 for tablet users and Windows 9 for business and entrepreneurs.

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